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Poor installation instruction will drive users crazy!!!


1. Clone PicoScenes

Make sure you have been invited to join the gitlab group then run git clone --recursive https://gitlab.com/wifisensing/PicoScenes.git to clone the project

2. Install Dependencies

follow the part of before_script on https://gitlab.com/wifisensing/release/PicoScenes-Release/-/blob/master/.gitlab-ci.yml

3. Install Driver

open https://ps.zpj.io/installation.html and go to 5.2.2 section, follow the first four directives

4. clone plugins

run git clone https://gitlab.com/wifisensing/PicoScenes-PDK.git to clone the plugins

5. Build

5.1 Build PicoScenes-PDK

move to the path of PicoScenes-PDK, run ./Fast_Build_Install_Plugin.sh

5.2 Build PicoScenes

move to the path of PicoScenes, run ./Fast_Build_Install_PicoScenes.sh


when you see the interface, press tab and enter , then you succeed in installation. Then run PicoScenes two times to run the software

tips: if you first install the PicoScenes Platform, you need to follow the error information to improve your personal information

Debug Environment configuration

1. Compiler Configuration


2. Plugins Cath Configuration

2.1 select PicoScenes|Debug and edit configuration


2.2 add run external tools


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